Patterned Ways to Post on Instagram


There are a few ways that you can post on Instagram in a way that has a special twist to it. Try these patterns to spice up your Instagram bio page.

Patterned Instagram

There is a special technique in order to post in a unique manner. It’s called: Planning out your posts in advance. The twist is coming up with a cool way to do it. Coming up with something could be as simple as photographing a bunch of red things and blue things. Then the red and blue posts would alternate days. If this is successfully repeated it would result in a patterned Instagram bio page that is striped with red and blue, and will be visually appealing.

Example: Sequential Order Pattern

The pattern that I came up with used multiple photos of three main subjects and then one photo of four different subjects. In my pattern, every third photo is of the same subject.  The first two post subjects are the same after every other set of 3 photos. Posts number 5, 4, 10, and 11 are the four different subjects that I chose to keep within a nature theme.

Sectioned Photo

This method takes a photo from being one individual post to multiple posts. Each post contains a section of one image that progresses in a sequential and specific order. It can be easily done through a website or app.

Directional Bio

Diagonal Example

One pattern where the goal is to create a directional line with the photos in an Instagram bio. The many ways to do this include a pattern that is diagonal, horizontal, alternating, and interlocking photos like a puzzle. Any type of photo orientation that repeats itself will work.  Try to come up with a special and unique twist. The possibilities are endless, but don’t let that stop you.

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