How to Grow an Instagram Account Organically


Establishing yourself, being in a niche, and being a specialist are the three most important concepts behind organic Instagram account growth.

Establish Yourself

When you make your account on Instagram, you can decide what you want it to be.

The account can be a fan account for something you enjoy, or it can be a 1:1 ratio of everything that is you.

Set your Instagram bio to reflect what best suits the account you’re running.  This helps people who come across your account better understand what they’ll possibly be seeing from it in the future.

Tip #1: Use Proper Hashtags for Organic Instagram Account Discovery

There are very popular and unspecific hashtags that aren’t worth using.  The amount of posts under a popular hashtag is so high that it’s easy for a post to go unseen.  Use hashtags that are specific.

The example given in How to Engage a Company on Instagram, states: “Don’t use #photography when #greencarphotography is what best describes your photo.”

This is true for any kind of photo that you post.  Especially if the post is also from a specific location.

Choose A Niche

The problem with followers that you gain when you post a photo and use a hashtag is that they liked that one specific photo, a lot.  That kind of photo is exactly what the new follower is looking for.  Yet, the next photo you post turns out to not be that same kind of photo that they’re looking for.  Now New Follower isn’t happy anymore.  This is alleviated when the flow of content is consistent and along the same, but pretty, lines.

Tip #2: Location Tagging

Be sure to use a location tag so that the photo appears when users look at that location on Instagram.  Imagine this as a semi-permanent placement in that city/town/location’s Instagram gallery.  Anyone interested in seeing that location’s Instagram history in the future will see the post.

Specialize in It

You better be good at what you have picked to post.  If it’s posting photos of classic cars, then it needs to be quality photos on a consistent basis.  It’s important to realize the number of great photographers that also photograph classic cars.  It’ll take being as good as some of the best people out on Instagram in order to gain a following.

Tip #3: Engage with Comments

When someone comments onto your post, reply to them in kind.  Comment on other photos of work that you appreciate.  This content that you appreciate could be along the same lines of your content.  Engaging with others on Instagram that are “within your field” is a great way to learn more and gain inspiration.  It’s also a great way to connect with like-minded individuals.



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