Discord Games Tab: How to Use It


Recently Discord added in the Games tab, right above your Friends tab. In this blog, we’re going to talk all about its features and why you may or may not want to use it.

What is the Games Tab Trying to Accomplish?

Discord is already the go-to for gamers who want to communicate with their friends. The Discord Games tab aims to integrate app even more into your gaming life. There are plenty of great game launcher hubs out there, and Discord is trying to be one as well. And it works out well. This is one step closer to Discord being an all-in-one gaming app.

It Consolidates Your Games

Much like any other similar software, the Discord Game tab will show all of the games installed on your  PC, and feature a ‘Play’ button so you can quickly jump into the game! This helps keep all of your games in one place, so you don’t have to go the extra step of opening Steam, GOG, and Origin all at once to find the game you’re looking for.

Better Communication with In-Game Friends

If your friends are in a game, you’ll be able to see that! If they are in a server with you and in a voice channel while playing, you will see that and be able to join the chat easily.  And as long as the game supports Rich Presence, you will be able to easily join their game from Discord.

Game Updates


Above all else, you will see news for the games you have installed. This is something you may be used to from Steam, as the game pages for those have a news feed of information about that game. This will behave much the same, and is a nice convenient hub for news and patch notes. What pulls this out ahead of Steam’s service is that you can view news about all of your games on one page.

How to Remove the Games Tab

Luckily for those who don’t care about this extra information, it is easy to get rid of. Navigate to User Settings > Appearance > Disable Games Tab. This will allow you to focus on your conversations rather than your games. Because, while Discord is aimed at gamers, many non-gamers use Discord as well.


We hope that this helps you understand the Discord games tab more. Is it something that you plan on using, or are you just going to remove it right away? Let us know in the comments what your opinions on this new feature are!


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