5 Tips for Choosing Server Admins & Mods


Discord and other communication tools are great at what they do, but people can always present problems. If you are expanding your Discord server and need some additional server admins or mods, it can be a bit nerve-wracking to appoint someone that you trust. The wrong person can sabotage the server from within, and no one wants that to happen. In this blog, you’ll learn how to properly vet someone for a role in your server, and the best ways to put them to use.

What Powers Do Admins and Mods Have?

Administrators are the people that run the server, and moderators are the people who assist them. On Discord, these people can be seen in a server’s Member List, above the list of online and offline members. Administrators have ultimate power. They have every permission and are unable to be locked out of any text or voice channel. The admin can also assign members as moderators (and take away this privilege). Moderators have similar power, but can’t effect the roles above them. Custom roles and hierarchies can be made in Discord, but these are the main ones. The server owner is able to assign these roles, but the biggest challenge can be deciding who gets these privileges.

What Roles Should I Have?

Administrators and moderators can be relatively interchangeable. Should you have both? That really depends on the structure of your channel. On a smaller channel, you may be able to have one of each, for a “first in command, second in command” structure. On a larger server, having both tiers can breed competition, and admins might consider themselves more powerful than moderators, creating a toxic environment.

Tip #1: Be Cautious When Considering Friends

Obviously if your server is just for your friends, go ahead and make your friends admins.  But, if your Discord server contains a wider audience, you should be careful when giving your friends power. This can end up looking like nepotism to your other users. When your friend has admin privileges, they can go easier on you than they would another user. You want a good admin to be able to be just and fair. If you break the rules, the admin should punish you accordingly, and not play favorites.

Tip #2: Pick Someone Even-Tempered

If there is one thing you don’t want your admins to do, it’s go on a rampage. Angry server admins can start banning people for small offenses, changing the server settings, and generally cause chaos among the ranks. This is the last thing you want in a community discussion forum, but it can happen. A look in any YouTube comments section or poorly-moderated forum will reveal trolls and flamers. Just imagine what would happen if one of these people became a server admin. The thought is not pretty, so make sure you pick someone who doesn’t have a history of online anger. Do your research and vet their posting history, if you can.

Tip #3: Find Someone Who Can Take the Heat

Moderating is a thankless job. Much like a police officer or a school supervisor, moderators may seem like they exist just to get others in trouble. While this is not true, many users may feel this way. Therefore, you will need to appoint people who can handle criticism, anger, and people calling them jerks (or worse). This is not a job for someone who can’t handle someone being angry at them, because in a larger server it will happen.

Tip #4: Look for Someone Interested but Not TOO Interested

You will want your server admins to be able to enforce server rules and adhere to the guidelines. However, it is easy to misconstrue enthusiasm with zealotry. An individual who shows excessive passion for the rules may not be the best choice, because they might be too strict. In some cases, maybe this is what you want, but it is a slippery slope to becoming an admin that doesn’t let anyone have any fun.

Tip #5: Identify Who Already Contributes to Your Community

Maybe this one seems obvious, but it is important to appoint someone who contributes. This should be an individual who frequently posts constructive content, joins in conversations, and generally interacts positively with people. You want your server admins to be trusted members of the group, so that people will actually feel bad if they get in trouble with them. By picking someone close to the community, you will also be able to determine if they have too strong of opinions on a forum topic, and if they can fairly moderate a disagreement.


Hopefully this will aid in your quest to find trusted admins or moderators for your Discord server. It can be a daunting task, but finding great ones will ensure that your server thrives! If you still need to set up your own Discord server, check out our guide.


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